The new website of CGGSO

I created a web site for “Cultural Studies & Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Graduate Student Organization” at the University of Pittsburgh.

I used Hugo as the static website generator. The free Winston Theme was the right choice for the content. The student organziation organizes an annual graduate student conference so they needed a simple and effective conference schedule embedded on the website. After searching for the free and paid alternatives, I found out provides all the things we needed in their free plan.

I use Visual Studio Code to generate, update websites with Hugo and push-pull to Github but the organization needed a simple and effective CMS (content management system) for easily updating the website through an interface. I used Forestry as the CMS becasuse it supports both Hugo and Github, and has a clean interface. I finally hosted the website on Netlify. I belive this is one of the best ways to create an effective and secure website without spending any money!

This Youtube tutorial briefly explains how to Integrate your Hugo website with Forestry and Netlify.

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