New book project with my students: Future scenarios

RHI460 Advertising Project is aimed for senior students and an applied course where students develop innovative ideas that might serve the future needs and expectations of consumers. Eventually, they make video presentation of the project and submit it to Cannes Future Lions Creativity Competition. This year, I had to make some changes. First of all, I moved the class online but then I realized that it’s really hard when it’s not face to face. The students need work in groups and develop the project together but they barely know each other and they are havıng difficulties with task sharing. The second is that, sadly Future Lions have changed their traditional brief after so many years. It’s not about emerging consumer trends and creative solutions, anymore.

This is why, I suggested a different output for this years classroom. After an extensive analysis of emerging consumer and technology trends I asked my students to write future scenarios based on the trends we have discussed. All of them wrote creative futuristic stories and I brought these stories together and create an e-book R Bookdown package. It was also a big challenge for me because I’ve recently started to learn R and I’m in the very begining of my learning journey.

This co-created book project is just a begining. I’m planning to update the book every year with the upcoming future scenarios in the next coming semesters.

I hope you enjoy reading these future scenarios written by young minds.

You can reach the e-book from;

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