Future Lions 2023 competition: Submissions from my classroom

Future Lions 2023: Volvo “For all life”

In association with the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Future Lions is the annual global competition that challenges students to create the future. The 2023 brief comes from Volvo.

In 2023, we are asking young people to protect what is most important about our home planet – life itself. How can we pioneer the use of technology to protect people and make them feel safe?

In previous years, the students’s main concern was to vocalise the video. Thanks to advances in AI technologies, it is now easy to convert text to speech. I advised them to use a new software called Elevenlabs and the results were impressive.

My students in the Advertising Project course submitted four projects to this year’s competition. Here are the links:

  • Paperless User Manual | 2023

  • Phoenix Kybele & You | 2023

  • Vair - Safety of Our Food | 2023

  • Lucid - A More Sustainable World | 2023

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